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Compliance Packaging

What Is Bubble Packing (Compliance Packaging)?


Bubble packing is designed to eliminate confusion and allow you to keep track of your medications.


They are organized into 4 different time slots (morning, noon, evening and bedtime) and placed into blisters on a card. Each card can hold a seven day supply of medications. When it is time to take your medications, simply pull the tab on the blister to remove the contents.


Each time slot is also perforated and can be removed to take with you. It takes the worry out of missing medications. If you do not remember if you took your dose, check the date and time to verify!


This system will help ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your medications by taking them as prescribed. It is a great way to have "peace of mind" that your loved ones are taking their medications properly. We also automatically refill each month and contact physicians when new prescriptions are needed.


Call us for more information and pricing.

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