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Diabetes Center

According to the CDC, just under half of the United States adult population is expected to develop diabetes during their lifetime. Not only does diabetes significantly contribute to healthcare costs, it also puts you at risk for many other health complications such as kidney failure and blindness.


Bay Street Pharmacy wants to work with patients who have received this diagnosis and to prevent those “pre-diabetics” from becoming diabetic. We consistently provide counseling, blood glucose testing & information, billing of all supplies related to diabetes and the ability to download results from your meter. We carry a full line of all diabetic meters, strips, and lancets. We will gladly accept assignment from your insurance so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you are interested in an education and wellness program that will teach you the skills you need to prevent type 2 diabetes click here or the link below to enroll in the free class. Throughout the year long program you'll have a personal lifestyle coach available to provide support and answer any question you may have!

Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support

About Our Program:

Bay Street Pharmacy is accredited through the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES) to provide DSMES classes. This program is set up to be 8 one-hour long classes, but is flexible depending on the participants availability. Following the conclusion of the primary curriculum, ongoing support will be offered to the patient annually. 

A few of the topics covered include: what diabetes is, monitoring blood sugar, healthy eating, being active, problem solving, and reducing risks. Our team encourages goal setting, monitors progress, and follows up with your healthcare provider. 

How To Get Started: 

Medicare covers 10 hours of initial education, followed by 2 hours of follow-up education each year. 

In order to get started, we will need a provider referral form and recent labs. 

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