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Compounding allows us to create custom medications specifically for you. Some of our commonly compounded products include non-narcotic pain creams, hormone replacement products, and fungal solutions for nails and ears. We also compound medications for pets. To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at 772-589-2043.

Veterinary Products

Hormone Replacement Products

Topical Pain Creams

Our pharmacists will work with your veterinarian to provide more prescription options to treat your furry friend. With a variety of flavors including chicken pot pie, angus beef, and tuna, it takes some of the hassle out of giving your pet a medication. Compounding also allows various delivery systems including liquids, capsules, gel, and many more. 

Balancing hormones is an art, and by compounding hormone replacement products, we are able to adjust the dose specific to the patients needs. Our pharmacists consult with physicians to determine a delivery method that would be best for the patient including topical preparations, capsules, troches, and suppositories. 

Bay Street Pharmacy also compounds a topical nail fungal solution and an ear drop that we consider our "signature compounds". Both are products that we have compounded for more than 15 years and many local doctors prescribe these formulations. Ask us or your physician about our proprietary formulas that are not only very effective but also very affordable. These products are not currently available in any commercial prescription formulations, so our compounded product might be just the solution you are looking for, Ask us about them when you call 772-589-2043. 

Compounded pain creams can be safer and cause fewer side effects. They can be used to treat neuropathic or musculoskeletal pain and are often very effective because they are applied directly to the target site of where the pain is originating. These creams can have custom ingredients designed to target your specific needs and are in convenient metered dose pump containers to deliver the precise amount each time. 

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