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Rapid Flu and Strep Testing 

Are you experiencing symptoms of flu or strep?


We offer rapid testing with results in as quickly as 15 minutes.


One of our highly trained pharmacists will perform the swab, process the test and ensure you receive the proper medication. 

Call us for more information on pricing and to schedule an appointment. 

If you are currently experiencing COVID or flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask that you do not come into the pharmacy. Call us from the parking lot and we will be happy to assist you.

Swab for Covid-19 test

Flu Testing

Some of the most common flu symotoms include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle or body aches and runny or stuffy nose.

With a quick nasal swab we are able to test for Influenza A and B and provide results in about 15 minutes. Depending on your results and symptoms, we are able to ensure you receive the proper treatment in a timely manner.


Strep Throat Testing

Some of the most common symptoms of Strep Throat include pain when swallowing, fever and red and swollen tonsils. 


 With a quick throat swab we can determine if you are positive for Strep Throat and discuss appropriate treatment.

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